Jonas will receive a small group of students for a week intensive, here at our place in Sweden! 

For now we propose the first week of January: 2-9 of January (Sunday to Sunday, teaching will take place from Monday morning until Saturday afternoon). 

The cost is 1000 €, which includes food (vegetarian) and accomodation in a room of your own in our large house (bathroom shared with other students). 

As Jonas prefers it, it‘s all tailored on the people involved, that‘s why he‘d like to keep the group as small as possible (up to 5), so he can properly focus on each individual. 

Depending on the response and results, we might continue with an extra week, that will happen up to March. 

At the time we write this, we only have one place left for the January course, so write soon if you want it!

If interested, simply write to bardorecordsNYC(at) with your registering request, suggestions and questions. If you’d like to enrol for the spring workshop, please include the dates up to March that would work for you.

Of course, because of the Corona situation, the fees are fully refundable in case of the event not happening, and of course we expect you to be fully vaccinated, as we also are. Please make sure as well that any travel tickets you’d buy in connection with this event are also refundable.

I am Ana, Jonas’ girlfriend, and I will be your contact person, guide and organiser. 

Personally, I’m very happy that Jonas has finally accepted to do this, since he’s generally against teaching. His point of view is that he can’t impart vital, relevant information in just one or a few hours or classes, one would have to be around for a while to get the sort of music understanding that Jonas would like to share. 

This tuition is not necessarily instrument specific, one can play the tuba and be welcome, in fact the more diverse the better! So if you know people who would benefit from this sort of insight into music making, feel free to send them the info.

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